Custom Garment | Non-refundable Deposit

Custom Garment | Non-refundable Deposit


Congratulations on starting the Slow Process process! We are stoked to create an original piece just for you!

This charge is a non-refundable deposit towards a custom garment made by Slow Process, and includes the cost of a muslin. The making of a custom piece includes some or all of the following:

  • Custom pattern based on your measurements and preferences

  • A muslin of the garment—a basic, simplified version to ensure the fit is to your liking (optional)

  • Selection of fabric, thread, buttons, and other details

  • Consultations via email or video call to discuss fit and other feedback

Full details, including final price, will be previously discussed and agreed upon with Slow Process. The total cost of the garment includes shipping the final piece. Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of this work, returns will not be accepted.

For any questions, please email

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