Snap-Off Authentic Welding Shirt

Snap-Off Authentic Welding Shirt


One-of-a-kind authentic welding shirt in mint green with a snap open and off front. This piece was salvaged along with the jackets from an 80-year old factory that recently closed its doors. However, this was the only welding shirt! You won't find another genuine workwear garment with a history and patina like this anywhere else.

Boxy men's fit, size M/L

-Added back in black Wrangler denim
-Large back stash pocket
-Original back strap with snap closure
-Belt loops
-Slitted side seams

-Mint green fabric made from flame resistant cotton (verify at your own risk)

Because each item is unique and handmade, garments include minor imperfections that show the hand of the designer.

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