Jacket 7 - M/L

Jacket 7 - M/L


These mint green stunners feature custom mending and pockets that are unique to it's wear and tear. No two are the same.

These jackets were salvaged from an 80-year old oven factory that recently closed its doors. It is not a vintage piece, but a genuine workwear garment. Each one shows its years of use differently, and you simply won't find a jacket with a history and patina like this anywhere else.

Only a dozen were salvaged—when they're gone, they're gone.

-Boxy fit, size Medium/Large
-Authentic wear and tear
Interior chest pocket & Slow Process added crescent patch pocket (2 pockets)
-’Compassion’ name patch
-Mending patches made from recycled denim
-Flame-resistant cotton (verify at your own risk)

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